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Rukuhia School Pool

School Pool Renovation - Pool depth increased, shallow ledge added and complete pool Fibreglassed. New Filtration, automated pH and salt chlorination management installed.

Client wanted School Pool to be deeper all over, but adding in a shallower end for the smaller children. Current pool is concrete and in need of repainting.  Fibreglassing this pool has enabled the pool to be made deeper and a shallow swimming ledge added.  Not to mention that it now looks beautiful and won't need repainting each year!


We added steel framing to form the large shallow ledge. 

We added steel to the existing top of the pool so we could add a layer of blocks and incease the complete pool depth.

Both the ledge and the blocks were filled with concrete.

Then my favourite part.... The fibreglassing!

First a marquee is erected to ensure a controlled environment.  It was a little chilly when we sprayed this pool, so we also had our surface heaters to provide the optimum fibreglassing environment.

We mask off all the exterior of the pool to contain any overspray.

Then the fun begins!  We spray the pool with 2 coats of High Grade Vinyl Ester Resin and Fibreglass. Then add 3 coats of Gel Coat - There are a wide variety of colours available.  

Suddenly, the very same day - you have a brand new pool!